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Our inbox has been filled with people asking us to compare all of the Grimm’s vehicles in our collection so here’s a bit about each of them.
We hope this helps you to decide or expand on your current collection… here goes!
Grimm’s 2019 Convertible Cars
Grimm's convertible cars are sold individually and come with either one or two friends inside. They are the same width as the Wooden Cars Set of 6.
They are the perfect size for small hands to hold and the friends fit loosely inside which makes it easy for children to place them in and out.

grimm's convertible cars little toy tribegrimms convertible cars little toy tribe
Grimm’s 2019 Slimline Cars
Grimm's slimline cars come as a set of five and two of them have handles for small babies or children to grasp.
They are half the width of the Wooden Cars Set of 6 and Convertible Cars making them slim enough to fit in each lane of the Waytoplay flexible roads.

grimms slimline cars little toy tribegrimms slimline cars on waytoplay little toy tribe
Grimm’s Wooden Cars Set of 6
The Grimm's wooden cars were our first purchase of Grimm’s vehicles and are very well loved. The size of them is perfect for small children to hold and the varying shapes of the vehicles makes for discussion. These are available in both coloured or natural.
They are double the width of the 2019 Slimline Cars making them wider than the lanes on the Waytoplay roads but our daughter has never had a problem with this and is still happily pushes them along.

Grimm’s Small Truck
The Grimm's small truck fits two friends inside and we also use it a lot to load up with marbles or other loose parts to transfer around the playroom.

grimms small and large truck little toy tribe
Grimm’s Large Truck
The Grimm's large truck is taller and longer than the small truck and fits five friends inside. Again this is used a lot for transferring loose parts and sometimes animals around the house. The Slimline cars also fit into the back of the truck.

grimms small and large truck with friends little toy tribe
Grimm’s Bus
The Grimm's Bus is the newest to our collection and will be given to our daughter for her birthday. It doesn’t come with any friends but it does fit three inside and the Grapat Nins do fit if you already have those in your collection. The bus is the same width as the trucks and sits between the red and blue truck in length.

grimms bus little toy tribegrimms bus little toy tribe

If you have any more questions about the products please contact us, we're more than happy to help :)

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  • @Alison – LOVE your blog!! Soooooo helpful and your observations and details are spot on!

    @Larissa – yes, Grimm’s vehicles are very easy to push. My son (3) and I have been very impressed with how
    smooth and how far these can go! He loves these!

    Danielle on
  • Just wanted to add to this, not all small blue trucks actually fit two friends just incase this information is a deal breaker for anyone. I received mine today and it only fits one, though the curve inside makes it impossible to stand that friend upright.

    Sarah on
  • Hi. Your work is beautiful.
    Do you ship to The United States?!

    Sahar on
  • A quick question. Are the Grimms vehicles easy to push? In other words, do the wheels of the vehicles roll smoothly? Thanks!

    Larissa on
  • Hi Mari,
    Yes they are wider than the convertibles but they do fit on the Grimm’s bridges yes :)

    Alison on

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