• Engaging in Open Ended Play

    Open ended play is play that has no set of fixed way that a toy should be used. There is no set outcome and no 'right' or 'wrong' way for the toy to be used. 

    For example our daughter (2) used a tea pot and a block to shave Dion's face like she had seen a few days prior at the hairdresser. We didn't tell her "that's not a razor" or "why don't you use this instead?"

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  • Ways to play with Playsilks

    Here's a few ways that we have used our playsilks in the past but I think you'll find your children will find many more ways as well! My daughters always surprise me daily with their imagination and exploration of them and the silly things they come up with!

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  • How We Wobbel

    We have owned our Wobbel board since our eldest was 2 and our youngest was 5 months old. It's been amazing watching our littlest grow up with it and see her abilities change as she grew. She has enjoyed: Watching it wobble Rolling balls and cars on it Learning to pull herself up on it Crawling ... View Post