First Birthday Gift Ideas

First Birthday Gift Ideas

This is a question that's very common and I'm always so excited to hear that you'd like to start your collection whilst they are so young as over time you can build up a fabulous collection that will last them for many years to come.

The quality of these toys is so good they can even be passed down generations!

So let's start with my daughters favourites at 12 months old as I'm sure they would be favourites for your little ones too.

Grimm's Stacking Bowls

Grimm's stacking bowls are great for young children as they can explore the different sizes. Stack them high or nest them inside each other. They come in a variety of colours and pair well with the Grimm's Rainbow Balls for experimenting with sizes. As your child grows they can be used for dry sensory play such as Rainbow rice for scooping and pouring or in home corner for cooking.


Anything with wheels is usually a hit for this age group and we have the following options on the website.

You can read a blog post about all the different vehicles here.

Grimm's Balls

The Grimm's balls are available in two colours Rainbow or Pastel. They are suitable from 1+ years and are well loved in conjunction with the stacking bowls, balancing on cups and just generally for rolling around the floor!

Papoose Felt Balls

We also have the Papoose Felt Balls which are pack of two in two different sizes. They are soft so great for playing indoors!


Grapat Cups with Lids

Grapat cups come in natural and coloured and are a favourite of my daughter as well as our friends son (born on the same day)! They love putting the lids on and off and hiding things inside them.


Grapat Bowls and Balls

The Grapat Bowls and Balls are another great set which children can hide balls within the bowls and stack them high. Together they can also be used for colour matching and later the bowls can also be used in dry sensory play such as rainbow rice.

Grimm's Rainbow

The Grimm's Large Rainbow is great to add to your collection but not the first thing I'd suggest for a child of this age. Our daughters do enjoy the Grimm's Large Rainbow but our eldest is only just starting to build with it at the age of almost 3.

I do find that when I present the rainbow to our youngest daughter she is more drawn to the Medium Rainbow (6 pieces), I think because it's easier for her to take off the shelf. She does love to wobble the pieces!

If your budget allows you can also buy the Large Rainbow and pack half away and add arches over a few months so it's not overwhelming for them.

Grimm's Russian Dolls

The Grimm's Russian Dolls are part of the 2019 collection and have been a favourite since she was 8 months old. She loves to hide Friends and Nins inside opening and closing them. Our eldest daughter also enjoys using them during dry sensory play and colour matching with them.

Grimm's Sorting Board

The Grimm's sorting board is great for young children and at 12 months they won't be able to sort colours but our daughter loves putting the Grimm's Friends in and out of the sorting board. It's great for their hand eye coordination! Over the year though it is a great tool to have to sort colours as well!

Grimm's Stacking Tower

Our daughter only just started to show interest in the Grimm's Stacking tower a couple of weeks before her first birthday. I love the Grimm's stacker as the rod in the middle is slimmer than other stacking towers on the market making it more of a challenge for them to put the rings on. They can also be used later as children grow with the Grimm's threading needle.

Grapat Nins, Rings and Coins (set of 6) or Grapat Carla (set of 12) with Mates

The Grapat Nins, rings and coins comes in two colours Rainbow or Warm Colours and together these sets are the same as the Grapat Carla Set. They each contain 6 Nins, 18 coins and 36 rings in two different colour ranges.

I rarely get all our our Grapat Carla set out at one time as its quite a lot of pieces so for one child I'd reccommend a set of the Nins, rings and coins. However if you have more than one child (or planning on more) I'd go the Grapat Carla Set so there's not as many fights over the pieces.


This set goes really well with the Grapat Mates which are little cups for the Nins. They can be used for stacking and colour matching or for scooping in dry sensory play when they are a little older. 

Grimm's 7 Friends in cups

The Grimm's 7 Friends in cups is similar to the Nins with mates. The reason I prefer the Grapat Nins, rings and Coins with mates of this set is purely because it comes with the rings and coins but you can also buy these separately.

Grapat Seasons

If you're having trouble choosing between the Grapat Nins, Rings and Coins and Grimm's 7 friends in cups this Grapat seasons sets are good because it has a bit of all of them. It comes with a variety of Nins, Mates, Rings and Coins in each set.


Grimm's Mosaic Blocks, Large Stepped Pyramid, Large Stepped Counting Blocks and Geo Blocks.

Grimm's Mosaic Blocks are a great set of all one size cube which are perfect for babies and young children to learn to stack.

I'd also recommend looking at the larger block sets such as the Large Stepped Pyramid or Large Stepped Counting Blocks as if the budget does allow for a bigger set these two sets also contain the same size cubes within the other sizes of blocks. You can read the blog comparing these two block sets here.

The Grimm's Geo Blocks are a great small set containing a variety of sizes for children to learn to build with. We often take these away on holidays with us as they are a nice small set.

Grimm's Pebbles

Grimm's Pebbles are great for children learning to stack and can be used when they are older during small world play. The texture of the pebbles is smooth to touch and is different to stacking blocks.

Sarah's Silks

Sarah's Silks are wonderful for children of all ages. They can be used for so much baby play and of course the classic peek-a-boo. Our daughters also love to dance with them!


Miniland Dolls are great if your child is starting to show an interest in caring for others! It was just before our daughter turned one that she started to enjoy cuddling and patting her doll. She has both a 38cm doll and 21cm Miniland Doll and loves them both for different reasons. She enjoys brushing the 38cm dolls hair but finds it too big to carry. The 21cm doll is the perfect size for her to cuddle and carry around the house with her. 

We also have a range of dramatic play sets by Make Me Iconic and the Doll accessory kit pairs beautifully with the dolls. With wooden bottles, dummy, plate, bowls and spoon they can enjoy taking care of dolls like you take care of them.


I hope this has helped with your decision making and not made it harder! As always please ask if you have any more questions, I'm always happy to help :)

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  • Hi there, my little girl is 18 months and still puts things in her mouth. Are the pieces you have recommended in this blog ok for this or are they a chocking hazard? Everything you have here is just beautiful.
    Kind regards.

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