How To Play with Grapat Nins, Rings and Coins

How To Play with Grapat Nins, Rings and Coins

The Grapat Nins, Rings and Coins and Carla Set is definitely the most well loved and used set in our home and many others too!

These sets are so versatile and can be used in a variety of ways for children of different ages and stages.

The most simple ways to use it are colour matching, sorting, stacking and threading but there are SO many more ways to play - just have a read below!

This set is recommended for children aged 1+ years but can be used earlier under supervision. 

Both of these sets comes with 6 rings and 3 coins for every one Nin.

 Grapat Nins Rings and Coins

Grapat Nins Rings and Coins

The Grapat Nins, Rings and Coins comes with 6 Nins with a total of 60 pieces (pictured above).


Grapat Nins Carla Little Toy TribeGrapat Nins Carla - Little TOy Tribe

The Grapat Carla Set comes with 12 Nins and has a total of 120 pieces.


There are also the Grapat Seasons sets which has a great mix of piees from the Grapat range including, Nins, Magos, Coins, Rings and Mates. Have a look at these sets here. 

hey are a mix of colours that represent the different colours of the seasons of the year; Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring.

Grapat Seasons Little Toy TribeGrapat Seasons Winter Little Toy Tribe

Pictured above is Spring (left) and Winter (right).


Play Ideas

This is one of the first photos (left) is the first photo I can find of our youngest playing with the rings and she is about 3 months old here.

I simply tied the rings onto a piece of ribbon and secured it to the play gym or by tying them onto a piece of ribbon or playsilk. She loved the sound it made as she batted it and the rings hit together and feeling the different textures of the wood and silk.

Photo by @ollie.andbear.

This can also be done on table legs to encourage standing for older children (right) as shown here by @noonacole. Wooden rings, looped onto a string and attached to a table.


This activity below is by Liv at She taped a piece of contact to the wall and placed the rings and coins onto it letting her daughter take them off and also try and stick them back on. She is 8 months old here!

Baby playing with wooden toy coins on sticky wall 


Nins, Rings and Coins are the perfect size for little hands to hold. The Nins have also been our daughters favourite teether, chewing on their little heads to relive sore gums!

Simply placing all the pieces in a basket can be a great transferring activity if you provide a few jars, baskets and containers for them to put the lids on and off and they will also enjoy putting them in and tipping them back out experiencing cause and effect.

Cutting a hole in the top of a formula tin (or Pringles tin) is great for a posting activity. When the items hit the bottom of the tin it dings which children LOVE!

You can also do the same with a cardboard box and add the top of a wipes packet over the top for them to open and close.

Photo on left is by Ashleigh at @ourdiyday and middle by myself. The one on the right is by Liz from @playinginstyle and is a great idea to encourage standing and letting go as a baby is learning to independently stand. Posting activity with cardboard box and Grapat coins


Grapat rings can be used on an existing stacking game to bring it new life, or make it easier for a younger baby as shown on the left by @danielle_vanessa.x.

On the right this little one is threading the rings onto a spatula. This is a great way to make this into a two-handed activity for toddlers and work on their bilateral integration by Tania from @taniamarie16.

Baby playing stacking game with wooden rings. Toddler threading wooden rings onto a toy spatula.


This idea by Liz from @playinginstyle is so simple it's genius! Place coins and rings in a cupcake tray to allow your baby to work on their pincer grip by removing the pieces. It also makes a great sound as the wooden pieces hit the metal tray!

Baby playing with Grapat pieces in a muffin tray.


Fiona had this brilliantly simple idea, a cardboard roll from some wrapping paper paired with the Grapat rings. Her little one Practiced threading the rings on one-by-one and if your bub is younger, just pulling them off is also a lot of fun!

Toddler playing with a cardboard tube and Grapat rings.


The Grapat Rings go very well on a mug or jewellery tree.

For young children this activity is perfect for building their fine motor muscles and hand eye-coordination. You might also find that older siblings enjoy doing this with them as well.

I have personally done this activity with my little one since about 10 months old.

Pictures below are by Caris at @little_smiths_play (left) and Liv at (middle) and by Kate at @kate.the.nanny.

Baby playing with mug tree and wooden Grapat coins Baby playing with DIY toy and wooden rings. Wooden rings placed on a mug tree from Kmart.

If you don't have a mug tree theres also this great DIY mug tree idea by Kara at @2_sweet_boys. She simply cut holes and put paddle pop sticks into paper towel rolls to hang the rings off.

Baby playing with DIY toy and Grapat rings.


This activity I have done a few times on the highchair and also in a tray. I simply placed the rubber bands on the highchair (or normal tray) and placed the Grapat rings and coins underneath. 

The rubber bands hold the concentration for young children having to manoeuvre them through the rubber bands and a bonus is that the rubber bands also make a great noise when they fling them (just make sure this is done under supervision).

See some examples below by myself (left), @noonacole (middle) and Liz from @playinginstyle. Baby playing with Grapat coins in a tray with rubber bands. Baby playing with Grapat coins in a tray with rubber bands.

This activity is by Hannah at @play.and.learn.activities. It was adapted by an earlier activity that I'd made but she had the genius idea to stick it to the wall which kept it steady!

In an egg carton cut holes and thread the ribbons through with rings tied to the ends. Both young and old kids enjoy pulling the rings and following which one will pull in and out.

Baby playing with DIY toy made from an egg carton, ribbons and Grapat wooden toy coins.


This idea by Amanda from @amandavonhoff is perfect to tailor to any age. Simply stacking them can be a great activity for young babies and to make it more challenging for older kids you can try a huge stack like this!

Little kid stacking Grapat rings and coins very high.


Grapat coins and rings are great for practical life skills as this little guy is demonstraiting raking them up in this photo from @jenhadfun.

Little kid sweeping rings and coins to practice montessori-style practical skills


This activity is by Caris at @little_smiths_play. She made this as a word document but you could also just photocopy the rings and coins. Simply laminate it and children can use it as a puzzle to match the pieces.

Flisat set up with Grapat wooden coins for matching


Pattern making and sequencing using an egg carton by Lisa at She simply took pictures of different patterns for her children to match.

Matching activity with wooden rings and an egg carton


Another fabulous activity by Caris at @little_smiths_play is this fabulous colour sorting box! She simple coloured the tops of wipes lids and hot glued them onto a box cutting holes in the cardboard for the rings and coins to be posted through.

DIY activity using wooden toy coins and disposable wipe lids.


This activity is by Erryn at @racing_to_play but we have also enjoyed doing this activty countless times over the years. Simply threading the rings onto a Sarah's Silk.

This takes a lot of persistence for children as the silk is harder to thread through the rings than just a string. This is an activity that we have done together with both children as my eldest would thread them and youngest would pull them off, teamwork!

Sarah's Silk with wooden Grapat rings on it.


This activity is by @little_smiths_play. On a cube she stuck stickers to roll and move the Nins to the corresponding colours.

You could also do the same with a number dice and move the Nins the same amount of rings whilst practicing counting.



Nins, Rings and Coins can also be used for so much more. Below they are pictured made into mandalas by me (left) and Catherine from @catherine_tarrawalla_biofarm (right). They can also be used for simple colour matching. Our daughter loves to stack the rings on top of the Nins to hide them, stack the coins up high and make patterns. Mandala made by wooden toys by Grapat.


If you have some more great ways to play with this set send me a message and I'd love to add them on!

I hope this blog post has helped with some ideas and inspiration on how to play with this set and either get you started or inspire more play!


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