All About Connetix Tiles

Connetix Tiles allow children to build 2D and 3D shapes! In doing so they are using their imagination and creativity.

Creating with connetix Tiles little toy tribe

Whilst building with magnetic tiles it encourages children cognitive development, spatial awareness, hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and children are also learning about mathematical concepts, all whilst playing!

Connetix Tiles come in two sizes 62 piece (left) and 100 piece set (right). The below pictures are of each complete set. Each pack always comes with the same colours and you can click the hyperlinks above to see exact numbers of each shape in each set.

connetix tiles 62 piece set little toy tribe  100 piece connetix tiles little toy tribe

We started our collection with the original 62 pieces but my eldest daughter (nearly 3) asks for more everyday now that she has become confident in building with them. She now wants to build larger and more complex designs.

The beauty of them is that you can add to your collection as your children grow or extend an existing collection as they are compatible with all other leading magnetic tile brands (eg. Playmags).

Our youngest daughter who recently turned 1 has also enjoyed playing with them. She enjoys looking through the blocks at the different colours as well as joining in play with her sister, stacking them up tall and of course knocking them down. 

Baby with connetix tiles little toy tribe

They are recommended for children aged from 3+ years due to containing magnets but I have had no hesitation at all offering them to our daughters (although both are under 3). They are great quality which you can see and feel!

They are made from food grade ABS plastic and the magnets are incased inside the plastic which is then riveted together. Ours have been built up and knocked down onto wooden flooring many times and they haven't chipped or broken. 

playing with connetix tiles little toy tribe

I personally believe that these magnets have bought a lot of imaginary play into our eldest daughter as she enjoys building houses, garages, fences for animals and so much more! Since owning them I've also seen her play adapt with wooden blocks. She now attempts to build up with the wooden blocks that she wasn't previously doing and I've put this down to how she has learnt to build with the magnets.

Connetix Tiles complement Waytoplay roads, Grimm's and Grapat beautiful and pictured below is just one of the many small world creations we have made with our own daughter.

connetix tiles with waytoplay and grimms little toy tribe

How much our children enjoy them is actually the main reason we decided to add them to the store. Everything we stock we own and love ourselves. Nothing is added to the store with ourselves and our daughters approval!

If you want to read about 20 different ways that your children can learn by using Magnetic Tiles have a read of this blog over at Connetix Tiles.

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