Wobbel Board Colours & Felt. All Explained.

Wobbel Board Colours & Felt. All Explained.

What is a Wobbel Board? How do they play with it?

The Wobbel Board stimulates balance and strength during play and use. In a playful way, but very efficiently, it supports physical awareness and balance.

You'll be surprised how many different ways your children use the Wobbel Board as everyday it can be something new. From a ramp, to a slide, a boat, a bed for their dolls, the possibilities are truly endless!

Below I have listed the options and if you keep scrolling you'll see some different ways that children can play!

Below is the Wobbel Original Laquared (top) and Wobbel Bamboo (bottom).

Wobbel board original little toy tribe   Wobbel Laquared no felt  Little Toy Tribe

 Wobbel Board Bamboo Little Toy Tribe .  wobbel board bamboo little toy tribe

Both of these have no felt and should be used on carpet if you don't want them to get scratched. We personally own the Wobbel Board Bamboo and have always used on a rug in our lounge room or on a squishy play mat. The rest of our house is hardwood floors and it has been dragged off and used on there but it doesn't worry us because any marks means use which also means it's well loved!

However if you are planning to use your Wobbel Board on hardwood floors or tiles all the time we recommend the Wobbel Board Pro with Pressed Felt

wobbel board pro pressed felt australia little toy tribeWobbel Pro Mouse Grey Felt Little Toy Tribe

The felt is resistant to abrasion, protects floors and Wobbels and has good sound deadening. The pressed felt mainly consists of recycled PET bottles and is easy to clean.

Please note: We decided to only stock the Wobbel Pro with pressed felt as it doesn't peel like the felt on the Wobbel Original with felt and is the same price.

There is also the Wobbel 360 with pressed felt. It's a different shape to the original wobbel boards being a circle with a concave centre.

wobbel 360 pressed felt australia little toy tribe Wobbel Board 360 Pressed Felt Little Toy Tribe



Below is a few comparison pictures of all the Wobbel Boards we stock:


Wobbel Original Laquared (no felt) or Wobbel Pro is the same colour of Beech wood.


Wobbel Board Bamboo (no felt).


Wobbel Pro with Pressed Felt in colour Mouse Grey. This is the same felt on the Wobbel 360.


Below is an overview of the products side by side showing the front and back.

Wobbel Comparison Little Toy Tribe  Wobbel Board Compaison Colours Little Toy Tribe


If you'd like to read about how we play with our Wobbel Boards head to our other blog post How We Wobbel.


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