Ways to play with Playsilks

Ways to play with Playsilks

Playsilks can be so many things and they are one of the most open ended toys that you could own. When my eldest daughter was little I bought some cheap juggling scarfs off of ebay which quickly started to fray and break

Don't get me wrong though they could still play with them in the same ways but the quality of the Sarah's Silks is like no other and I'm very happy to have made the investment and switch to the real deal!

How we built our Collection

We have owned or Sarah's Silks for well over a year and they are without a doubt used daily. I slowly started to grow our collection one at a time adding them to each order I placed with other things and over time we have built quite the collection.

I started with colours for small world play such as blue for water, green for grass, yellow for sand, brown for mud and couldn't help but add the enchanted rainbow silk just because it was beautiful!


 How can they be used?

Here's a few ways that we have used our playsilks in the past but I think you'll find your children will find many more ways as well! My daughters always surprise me daily with their imagination and exploration of them and the silly things they come up with!


1. Carrier for dolls

Firstly tie the silk around your childs waist and put the doll inside. they lift the playsilks over the back and tie it around the playsilk that is already fastened around their waist. (Tutorial over on our Instagram Highlights under Sarah's Silks)

 sarah's silks doll baby carrier little toy tribe

2. Draped over table or pikler triangle as a cubby house

What child doesn't love to hide in a cubby house! The regular play silks fit one on each side over a pikler triangle and can be fastened with the Sarah's silks pegs. They are specially made to not rip the silks.

sarahs silks cubby house how to play with a playsilk little toy tribe Sarah's silks over pikler triangle how to play with a playsilk little toy tribe

3. Dancing and shaking them all around

My kids love to shake them around as they dance and bop around the house.

dancing with sarah's silks how to play with playsilks little toy tribe

4. Classic Peek-a-boo

Peek a boo is such a classic child's game and can obviously be achieved with the silks! Done with an adult they feel so nice as they are draped over your skin.

peek a boo little toy tribe how to play with playsilk

We have also done variations where we hide the animals and then she has to find them (pictured below).

How to play with sarah's silks little toy tribe

5. Blanket for Dolls

We are quite minimal in what we keep out for our kids so things are often repurposed for many different things. Our daughters use the regular playsilks for blankets for the dolls to wrap them up and the mini one is often its 'blankie'.

6. Picnic Rug

My eldest daughter loves to go on picnics and often uses the silks and papoose felt food to mimic this at home!

sarah's silks as a picnic rug little toy tribe

7. Stuffing them in and pulling them out of tissue boxes, containers or bottles

This is a fun one that has been a hit for both the girls when they were younger and its still very much enjoyed by both (3 and 1) every time we finish a box of tissues! Simple stuff the silks inside and let them pull them out. You can also cut extra holes in the side so there are different holes for them to come out of.

sarah's silks in tissue box how to play with playsilks little toy tribe

8. Cape or skirt as dress ups

When the silk is tied around the child's neck (obviously under supervision) they love running or jumping, feeling and watching the silks fly out behind them.

sarah's silks cape how to play with a playsilk little toy tribe

9. In the bathtub

Putting silks in water changes the texture of the offering a nice sensory experience. It's also the best way to clean them if they become dirty.

10. Small world play

Like I said above we built our collection starting with colours that would represent sea, grass and sand so they are the perfect bases for small world set ups.

11. Scrunch them up and throw them up high

Scrunching the silks in your hands and counting to throw them up high is always fun and here's a song that my kids love that goes along with it.

To the tune of Frere Jacques

Popcorn kernals, popcorn kernals (waving side to side)

In a pot, in a pot (scrunching up in hands)

Shake it shake it shake it (shaking inside hands)

Shake it shake it shake it (shaking inside hands)

Till it pops! Till it pops! (throw it up and catch it and repeat)

throwing sarahs's silks how to play with playsilks little toy tribe

12. Tying rings onto a play gym

Tying the playsilks onto a baby playgym and threading the grapat rings onto it make a great mobile for young babies. As they tap and grasp the rings it makes a beautiful sound.

Below is my youngest daughter with the rings tied to a ribbon but we have done the same with the silks.

how to play with sarah's silks playsilks little toy tribe

13. Practicing folding

My eldest daughter loves to fold the washing and folding the silks is another activity she enjoys. We talk about how to make different shapes with the folds such as square, triangle and rectangles.

14. Threading

Threading the grapat rings onto a silks is great fine motor work and it can also double as a necklace! Picture from @little_smiths_play.

Sarah's silks and grapat rings neckalace how to play with sarah's silks little toy tribe

15. Posting Box

If you cut a hole into the top of a box and add one or many recycled wipes lids secured with a hot glue gun young children will enjoy opening them and pulling them out. Picture from @mum.of.warriors.

 How to Play with sarah's silks Little Toy Tribe

16. Wrapping Presents

Instead of buying wrapping paper and throwing it away silks can be used in play and for wrapping presents year after year!

wrapping present with sarahs silks how to play with a playsilk little toy tribe

17. Washing

Children can use them in pretend play such as pretending to do the washing pictured below from @the_magic_of_play.

how to play with playsilks little toy tribe

18. Take them outdoors

Don't be afraid to take these out into nature. My kids love running with them outside watching them fly in the wind and my friend Erryn from @racing_to_play has also taken them to the beach!

sarah's silks outdoors little toy tribe sarah's silks at the beach how to play with playsilks little toy tribe

You can see our full range of Sarah's Silks here including playsilks in regular and mini size, enchanted, earth and giant playscapes! 

Which ever colour you or your children decide we know they will be well loved for many years to come!


If you have anymore questions feel free to get in contact with us :)

All the above photos are of our own daughters playing as well as a few which are tagged from my friends Instagram accounts - be sure to check out their pages for some more play inspiration.

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