Playing with your kids and enjoying it!

Playing with your kids and enjoying it!

What could be more wonderful than sharing creativity and play with your child? And what facilitates this better than toys that both parents and children love?

I think a lot of parents (particularly mums) feel guilty for buying toys they like. They worry that if they like it they're buying it for the wrong reasons but I'm here to tell you that's just not true. Enjoying your children's toys is wonderful. It's magical. Most of all, it's fun!

Family doing sensory play together

Sitting and playing together is so good for creating connection and that connection is what builds your relationship with your child. And you're more likely to do it and actually enjoy it if they are toys you love too! No one wants to sit and play with something they don't like. So why should you as a parent?

Father and son playing with magnetic tiles.

There is so much children learn from play and when you're down on the floor with them you can help facilitate that learning. Processing aloud with them and problem solving together is such a great way to learn and bond. And what could be more bonding than creating together? Using your imaginations and sharing the joy of discovery is such a wonderful experience. Play doesn't have to be boring as a parent. You are allowed to have fun and they will feed off your sense of joy and enthusiasm!

Have you ever heard of parallel play? It basically means play beside someone instead of with them. This is great for kids too young for cooperative play. I also find it great to get a children interacting with a toy they hadn't shown much previous interest in.

Mother and son practicing parallel play with magnetic tiles and blocks.

I love to sit and play on my own and build Flockmen towers or elaborate Grapat mandalas. I often see later that day my son will replicate what I have done or draw some other inspiration from it. Your play can inspire your children's and that is so powerful. It's also why you should never undervalue your own enjoyment.

Another great thing we practice in our home is "respecting each other's play." We do this by not knocking down what someone else is building or interrupting what they're doing. This is a great skill to practice with parents to get ready for social interactions with their peers. Parents will be more patient while they're learning so they get the opportunity to practice and make mistakes.

Aside from the benefits of play and bonding with your little ones play is also good for adults! It can be calming and meditative or fun and inspiring. When as an adult do you have the freedom to just explore? There's a reason all our adult friends like to play with our toys when they come over, play is fun and should be for everyone!

Father and son playing with rainbow sensory rice.

So don't deny yourself joy. Instead choose things that inspire you.

Let go of any guilt and just play.

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