Pastel vs Rainbow Connetix Tiles

Pastel vs Rainbow Connetix Tiles

If you're wondering about the different colours in the new Pastel Connetix Tiles then keep scrolling down for a closer look both on their own and in combination with the classic rainbow coloured Connetix Tiles.

Since the beginning we have always owned the classic rainbow colours as they were the first to be released and our Connetix Tiles have been well loved for many years.

They have been perfect as my girls have grown up to learn their colours through play. It's easy to talk about the colours through play by talking about them such as "Would you please pass me an orange square?"

Rainbow Connetix Tiles


If you have younger children I would recommend starting with the classics for this reason as the 6 colours (red, orange, yellow, green blue and purple) match well with a number of other items such as Grapat Nins, Rings and Coins, Pom Poms and Metal Rimmed Counting Chips which are often used together in play for sorting and colour matching.


The pastel colours are beautiful muted tones which blend nicely together in play. My eldest daughter was very, very excited to have pink tiles to add an extra arch to her rainbows!

The are beautiful muted tones which are quite calming to look at and play with too.

Pastel Connetix Tiles

Photo by @today.our.children


Here we built a coin run using the Connetix Pastel Tiles and Grapat Coins!

Connetix Tiles Coin Run


Here my youngest daughter (3) enjoyed laying all the Connetix Tiles flat making a pattern. As she lay them down she said "pastel, bright, pastel, bright."

Take a look at the end result!

Pastel and Bright Connetix Tiles together


They also love to build with their magnetic tiles in the sunlight and make different patterns. Here I have taken a picture of the large squares; pastel at the bottom and classic rainbow colours at the top.

Pastel and Bright Rainbow Connetix Tiles in the sunlight


Overall I find both colour ways beautiful on their own and mixed together. 

Pastel and Rainbow Connetix

Rainbow and Pastel Connetix - Photo by @today.our.children


Pastel Connetix Tiles

Pastel Connetix Tiles - Photo by @today.our.children 

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