Large vs Small Grimm's Block Sets

Large vs Small Grimm's Block Sets

Lately we've had a lot of people asking about the size difference of the Grimm's Small and Large Counting Blocks and Pyramid so we hope this blog post gives you a bit more of an idea if you're wondering the same.

This blog is simply on the size difference, see Large Stepped Pyramid vs Large Stepped Counting blocks for the differences on those Grimm's Building Sets.

The Grimm's counting blocks are stepped up in equal increments of 1cm. The smallest block is 1cm and the largest block is 10cm tall. The different sized sets is only the thickness of the blocks and the small set is 1/4 of the size of the large. 


Large and Small Stepped Counting Blocks Little Toy Tribe

The blocks in each set are the same height but the small are 1x1cm and the large is 4x4cm wide. Four small blocks fit in one large block of the same height.

Grimm's large and small stepped counting blocks

We started with the Small Stepped Counting Blocks which haven't got as much recently as don't get as Little Miss was small and mouthing but they are slowly making more of an appearance on our shelves again. I don't recommend the small size for young children as they are definitely a choking hazard.

The Large Stepped Counting Blocks are a much better size if you have younger children around although not recommended till 1+ years.

Grimm's large vs small stepped counting blocks

We use the small on the table but the larger set is combined on the floor with other Grimm's building sets.


If you have any other questions were more than happy to answer, just contact us.

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