Grimm's Rainbow vs Natural

Grimm's Rainbow vs Natural

This has been question that we have been asked time and time again so we thought we’d list some reasons to choose either the Rainbow or Natural colours when starting or adding to your Grimm’s collection.

grimm's rainbow and natural  Grimm's natural vs rainbow little toy tribe

We begun our personal collection with the Large Rainbow, Rainbow Building Boards and Rainbow Semi Circles.

I choose this combination because I wanted the colours to match and at that stage Big Sis was still learning her colours so it was a great way to extend on her vocabulary whilst playing by talking. For example "can you see the yellow rainbow rock?"

 rainbow vs natural grimms little toy tribe

We find the colour combinations of rainbow with all three products together very bright and I personally enjoy the aesthetic of the contrast of the Natural Building Boards and Natural Semi Circles in conjunction with the Large Rainbow or the other way around with the Natural Tunnel and Rainbow Semi Circles and Building Boards.

large grimm's rainbow and semi circles little toy tribe  grimm's natural rainbow and rainbow semi circles little toy tribe

However I don’t regret our colour choices as it helps us to create structures that followers of @grimms_creations can easily recreate as you know exactly what piece to use. It's like writing numbers on them but the colour is the number.

The colour of the pieces defines the size of the piece which it's obviously harder to distinguish with the natural pieces.

For this reason we suggest the Rainbow products if you want to recreate lots of our ball runs or creations that you see on Instagram. If you simply want them for open ended play and building and you're not interested in ball runs then I’d go the natural as together they are a beautiful combination.

Large Grimm's rainbow wood grain little toy tribe  Grimm's natural tunnel rainbow little toy tribe

You can still see the wood grain through the water based colour stain on the Large Rainbow but the wood grain on the Natural Tunnel is obviously more noticeable as its only finished with a non-toxic plant based oil. 

I find the Natural Tunnel more sticky which makes it easier to recreate sculptures and stacking challenges and I'd put this down to the oil that's on it. In saying that we have only ever done stacking challenges with the Large Rainbow as it's all we have owned until recently.

You will also find that something that we can do with our rainbow you may not be able to do with yours. Not just because of a skill level but because all rainbows are unique as they are cut out of one piece of wood so you'll never find two the same. 

Large Grimm's Rainbow and Natural Rainbow Little Toy Tribe

There is also the Pastel TunnelPastel Building Boards and Pastel Semi Circles to consider. They are a beautiful set and pair wonderfully with anything from the natural range and provide some opportunity for colour-matching but not as ideal as the bright rainbow collection (as that is more "standard" colours).

We hope this helps you make your decision and any more questions feel free to contact us.

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