At Little Toy Tribe we try to put as little in general waste as possible!

Since day one of business we have always asked you to ‘please excuse we like to reuse’ recyled boxes and packaging. We reduce the amount of boxes and packaging we buy but re using all that we can. We purchased our first boxes for shipping over 12 months after opening and even now we always reuse every box we can 📦

We have NEVER purchased bubble wrap, its all recycled from our incoming deliveries!

We use paper based tape and all our stickers and flyers are printed on paper sustainably with soy based inks.

We often receive boxes that are already on their second or third journey when they get to us, then we send them off again.

If we cannot reuse something we are sure to recycle it in the best way possible, including all soft plastics.

We’ve helped alot of local families move houses with the larger boxes that are too big for outgoing orders too 😜

We ourselves are big on thoughtful purchases and generally having less. We like to pass this onto our customers, encouraging them to use things they already own in alternative ways before buying more 👌