Let's talk Squigz & Play Inspiration

Let's talk Squigz & Play Inspiration
Squigz are easily one of our most popular products from the Fat Brain Toys range!
Both children and parents seem to gravitate towards the endless possibilites and adore these 'fun little suckers.'

They are made of high quality silicone rubber and stick to smooth surfaces, removing with a satisfying pop.
Other than sticking them to each other to create creatures, structures, vehicles and the like they are perfect to inspire fine motor development.

Mini Squigz with Pom Poms and Tongs

They can be stuck to a surface and used to balance pom poms, water beads or balls/marbles. Sticking them to blocks or as part of other builds are a great balancing challenge too!

They are also wonderful as an out and about toy as they can be used on cafe tables, windows or lunch boxes.

Squigz 2.0 in car

Our favourite way to play is in the bath or shower. They add so many possibilities by attaching containers or bath toys to the walls, as an anchor and a fun addition to tipping and pouring play. These toys are contstantly surprsing.⁠

Squigz in bath Squigz in bath


There are a few different kinds of Squigz including; Squigz Starter Set, Squigz Deluxe, Squigz 2.0, Mini Squigz, Squigz Toobz and Pip Squigz.

Here's a little run down of the different kinds and uses for them!


Squigz Starter Set, Squigz Deluxe and Squigz Toobz were the original ones from the range.
These stick to each other and are also alot of fun in the bath tub and on windows!


The next addition was the Squigz Toobz. The Toobz wildly bend, twist, and loop every which way to inspire hours of creative play.
Build them tall, bend them cleverly - You can make your structures more wobbly with the Toobz.

 Squigz Toobz 

The Squigz 2.0 are the newer vesion which still work together with the classic Squigz as they are the same size. The Squigz 2.0 have some new shapes as well as an extra point of contact in the middle as it is flat compared to the round centre on the classic Squigz.

 Squigz 2.0 on window 

Squigz 2.0 in play Squigz 2.0 in bath

The Mini Squigz are nice and compact making them easy to take with you on a plane or to a cafe as they can suction onto tables or even a smooth plastic lunch box! They are also an extra fine motor challenge due to their size.

 Mini Squigz in play Mini Squigz with Lucite Cubes

The Pip Squigz are perfect for babies as they are bigger in size.

Pip Squigz Baby Play

They encourage exploration of their senses as they are different shapes/textures, sizes and also make different sounds when they are shaken.
They can be suctioned onto smooth surfaces and are perfect playtime or for use in the pram, highchair and bathtub.
The Whirly Squigz are another great one for little ones. They suction onto smooth flooring, windows in the car, at home and can also be used in the bath tub.
When tapped or flicked they will twirl around! The spinning is mesmorising and also encourages children to reach when laying down during tummy time or when suctioned to a window learning to stand.
Whirly Squigz 
We also enjoy them in combination with other toys such as Connetix Tiles and Bauspiel Lucite Cubes as they get creat suction and bring even more fun!
Squigz 2.0 with Connetix Tiles Squigz 2.0 with Connetix

Click to watch a video of a short comparison and overview of the sizes.

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