Grapat Together - 2021 Collection

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Grapat Together are beautifully handcrafted from solid wood, featuring figures of differing shapes and sizes, and three distinct skin tones, representing and celebrating all of the wonderful cultural and ethnic diversity in our world. These open ended wooden pieces are a lovely variation on the classic peg doll.

Made with love and sustainable materials, they form the basis of so many aspects of play, from imaginative and small world play, to story-telling, and to learning through play in counting and sorting. 

Their simple and unstructured form allow children to imagine the expression, gender and roles supporting their own emotional development and understanding of the world and people around them.

Combine well with Grapat Nins, Wizards, Tomtens, Sticks and Bugs.


Includes 12 Nins in 3 different skin tones.

  • 3 Narrow Nins, 6.5cm Height
  • 3 Width Nins, 6.5cm Height
  • 3 Striped Nins 6.5cm Height
  • 3 Baby Nins, 3.8cm Height
  • Fabric Bag

This product is recommended for children aged 3+ years

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