Pour & Play

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      1 product

      Pour & Play is the cake mix equivalent of the child development world. It’s playdough reimagined!

      Every parent and carer has the best of intentions to create meaningful learning experiences with their child, only to find they’re out of a vital ingredient and it’s not worth trying to wrangle a child to the shops and back on a rainy Saturday morning.

      Who else cringes at the thought of yet another ingredient taking up space in the pantry because you needed that 1 teaspoon? And don’t get me started on the mess your “independent” toddler creates spilling each ingredient as they measure it because they “can do it myself”…

      Pour & Play is the product for you! Pour & Play is a no nasties, dry mix, soft playdough in an easy to pour bag.

      Simply pour contents into a bowl, add water, and watch as your child revels in the delight of mixing and forming their very own playdough.