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Sitting on a waitlist for Speech Pathology Services?

Get proactive at home with my Speech Sound Ideas. I designed it for parents who wanted a tool to support their children with their speech sound development.

The Main Package here includes an information booklet, 20x A5 consonant sound cards and access to an online video library for parents, kids and educators.

Whilst the information booklet supports you in learning more about how sounds are made and how they develop, the speech sound cards are where the magic lies, and then the videos take it to a whole other level.

Each card shows you:

  • Phonetic transcription for the sound
  • How the sound is produced
  • A “special reminder” for the sound
  • An icon for the special reminder
  • Age of Mastery
  • Vocabulary suggestions
  • Activity Ideas
  • Carrier Phrases

These give you a fantastic starting point as a parent, to introduce your child to how sounds are made, and to embed learning within play. They are not flashcards and are not designed to be used as flashcards.

These resources do not replace the need for a Speech Pathologist. They are ideal as a starting point whilst you are on a waiting list, or as a supplement for current Speech Pathology services your child is receiving.

Teachers will also benefit from these cards, in deepening their understanding of how sounds are made, giving children cues during literacy activities, and making accurate referrals to Speech Pathology when needed.

This resource is designed for ages 3 and older as this is when speech sounds become refined and mastered.

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