Grimm's Rainbow Lion Building Set

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The Grimm's Building Set Rainbow Lion is a wonderful building set in a wooden frame that combines organic shapes in oiled natural wood and colourful geometric shapes.

The Majestic Building Set is more than a tribute to an endangered animal. With this set, we wish to bring a little HAKUNA MATATA into your life. The saying originates from the African Swahili language and means "There is no difficulty" or "Do not worry."

"Strength, serenity and loyalty symbolise the king of the animals, who is dependent on the life in the pack."


Written by Grimm's about this Building Set:

"As you all know, we love nature and very lucky to live in one of the most beautiful hiking regions in Germany. Here in the Swabian Alps, numerous stories and legends exist around symbolic lion and the lion symbol can be found on many hiking paths in the region. With Simba, our four-year-old-male dog, we like to be on these beautiful hiking trails and listen to each ones individual story. The special path markings in the form of a lion's head accompany you uphill and down dale, through forests and across meadows and so this simple signpost inspired this magnificent construction kit in the form of a rainbow lion."



Frame L = 44.5 cm
27 pieces: 18 Rainbow pieces - 4 cm high - 9 Natural pieces - 3 cm high
Recommended Age: 3+

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