Open Days


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We have created these open days for children, parents, grandparents and carers to have a hands on experience with our range of toys.

What to Expect

These days are designed for you and you children to come and get a hands on experience with the toys we stock. It's a great way to see what your children gravitate towards and the size and quality of different pieces. 

There are products that are open (out of packaging) of most of our toys to be pulled off the shelves and played with.

We set up a play table with a small world, cars, roads and anything else that gets added from our shelves as the children incorperate them over the day. Dion sets up a creation or ball run for little hands to explore and also destroy - exactly what they are here for!


We have a child friendly toilet with step stool internal to our shop 

Microwave is available for heating food or bottles.

Chair for feeding where you can keep an eye on other little one or more private seating outside.

There is access to our backyard if little ones need to burn off some energy or get some space from inside if it gets a bit too overwhelming for them.


All shelves are secured to the wall and the space is designed for little ones to explore and play.

Small pieces are kept high out of reach from little ones, but you are welcome to take down and play under supervision. We also ask that you put these back away after use to ensure safety of younger children.  

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