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74 products

Ravensburger was founded by Otto Robert Maier in Ravensburg, Germany. He started by publishing instruction folders for craftsmen and architects, with the first board game appeared in 1884, named "Journey around the world".

At the turn of the 20th century, his product line broadened to include picture books, children’s activity books, art Instruction manuals, non-fiction books, and children’s games

The publishing house was damaged during the Second World War and continued to produce games in the years of the reconstruction. They started to produce jigsaw puzzles in 1964.

Ravensburger once held the record for the world's largest jigsaw puzzle, and currently their largest puzzle is "Memorable Disney Moments" with 40,320 pieces (which we do not stock).

 Our eldest daughter has enjoyed these puzzles for many years and has spent countless hours putting them together. We love these puzzles as they pieces are all individual shapes.

We found many cheaper puzzles would have multiple pieces the same shape. Letting her put a piece out of place at the start and unable to line up other to complete the puzzle.

They are also all beautifully illustrated in a calm and easy to follow colour pallet.