Our Routine

Our Routine

Another common question that I'm often asked is my routine with my girls in a normal day along with setting up activities - so here goes!

Our days used to begin at 7am but lately the girls wake up a bit earlier and usually snuggle in bed and read books until it is time for breakfast which is a great start to the day.

We then get dressed and do their hair before having breakfast. They choose their own clothes out of their cupboards and dress themselves (to the best of their ability, asking for help when needed). They also help prepare their breakfast by making weetbix, scooping yoghurt and muesli into a bowl or by putting spreads on their toast and grabbing some fruit from the fridge. They also have free access to water and milk.

After they have finished their meals they get their own washer from the self help station to wipe their hands and face and crumbs off the table before putting any scraps in the bin, wiping the table, putting their plate in the dishwasher or on the bench and hanging the washer up to dry. 

montessori self help kitchen  montessori self help kitchen

This link here will link you to an IGTV video on our Instagram that shows you through our self help area.


The girls then move to our lounge room/playspace to play while I finish cleaning up. Their independence is the same with every meal time and throughout the day. We always try to allow them extra time to complete tasks themselves.

Sometimes we set up an invitation to play for them to enjoy in the mornings but not everyday. We find that a simple invitation to play can help them choose what to sit down with in the morning when I’m finishing cleaning up before coming to play with them and can encourage them to play together meaning a little less stress for me.

This video below explains what an invitation to play is and how you can create them for your children.


After morning tea is when we sit down together and do an activity, usually chosen by the girls. Some favourites that they choose are painting, playdough and drawing but if I choose I always usually select something that they are likely to not pick themselves. Sometimes I do this whilst they are eating so it is already set up for them when they finish morning/afternoon tea. 

This gives them an idea of what they could do with the toys off the shelf that they may not be using much this rotation. It is a great way to help children discover new ways and ideas as to how to play with open ended toys.

For example below is a few invitations to play with the same products set up in different ways.

 Grimm's Rainbow and building boards little toy tribe Grimm's Rainbow and building boards balancing little toy tribe Grapat Nins rings and coins inviation to play little toy tribe


Outdoor play and an activity with me is often swapped depending on what our plans are for the day but we do make time for both every day. I find that getting outdoors is a great way to break up the day and also help relax us if we are dealing with big emotions.

Since Big Sis was 6 months old we have done playroom rotations and have always packed away before each transition in the day such as playtime to lunch or indoor play to outdoor play.

I find having a neat and tidy environment leads to better play as they can clearly see what they have out to play with. If they are enjoying an activity we will tidy the pieces around what they were enjoying but keep the main structure out for them to come back to as it was valuable play.

For example if the girls built a big house with the Connetix Tiles with lots of people inside and cars in a garage, I would keep those pieces out but tidy all the pieces around the room that were not involved in the valuable play and the girls (mostly) always help pack away these too.


Wake up 6.30am

Breakfast 7.30/8am

Morning Tea 9/9.30am

Activity with Mum 10am

Lunch 11/11.15

Sleep or Rest 12-2pm

Afternoon Tea 2.30/3pm

Outdoor Play 3.30-4.30pm

Dinner 5/5.30pm

Bath 6pm

Bed 7pm

Big Sis (3 years) doesn’t sleep everyday but always rests for 30 minutes. We have a sand timer in her room that she turns and comes out after it has finished if she doesn’t want to sleep.

Little Miss (almost 2 years) has been on one sleep since she was 10 months old.

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