Make Me Iconic Beauty Kit

A few weeks ago I posted the Make Me Iconic Beauty Kit on our stories and had a few messages asking for a closer look at what's inside so here it is!

Inside the Beauty Kit there is 11 pieces. It comes with a 1 x hairdryer, 1 x perfume, 2 x nail polish, 2 x lipsticks, 1 x hand held mirror, 1 x eye shadow compact with applicator, 1 x blush compact with puff, 1 x comb, 1 x brush and 1x nail file.

Our daughters favourite is the hairdryer and she uses the perfume as water to spray on your hair before drying it.

Make up is not something that I wear a lot of but the last few times I've put it on she was really interested so I thought it may be time to introduce this set to her and I was correct!

She asks for it almost everyday but I do keep it out of reach as some of the pieces are quite small and may be a choking hazard for small children. This product is recommended for children aged 3+ but under supervision it is fine for my girls to enjoy together.

Throughout the day Big Sis enjoys styling her sisters' hair as well as her Miniland Dolls.

Make Me Iconic Beaty Kit at Play Little Toy Tribe

All of these products are made of wood but some have added bits of silicone, springs and felt to make them feel more realistic.

The brush is soft and has real bristles. It works well on both real baby hair and dolls. The Mirror is plastic, not glass and won't shatter but still offers great reflection.

little toy tribe make me iconic beauty kit

The perfume bottle and hair dryer has a spring loaded buttons to simulate use such as spraying and turning on, adding an interactive element. 

The eye shadow kit as a small brush inside which has a piece of felt at the end. The tray doesn't completely come out of the box but does slide in and out.

There is a blush compact with real puff which has a piece of felt in the bottom that is removable to pretend to be the powder as well.

Nail polish comes in two colours and they have a string at the end so it feels realistic to pretend to paint. It also has a rubber ring to hold it firmly in the base so the lid doesn't easily fall off which is the same on one of the lipsticks.

little toy tribe make me iconic beauty kit

This set is sure to be a hit for children that enjoy dramatic play along with the other Make Me Iconic Sets:

Happy Playing!

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